Box Office Version History

Date Version Description
2019OCT15 v2.90
  1. a new PAPER_TYPE = OLDBOCA was created for older boca printers
2019OCT01 v2.88
  1. CANCEL button bug fixed. Now just one click of the CANCEL button resets a given order.
  2. MINUS THE QUANTITY COUNT BY 1 - Click once on the quantity number, then press the + sign.
2019SEP30 v2.87
  1. Search box - works. Enter the string and press the new FIND button.
  2. The current order appears at the top, after the FIND buttton is pressed
  3. IMPORANT: You have to hit the CANCEL button twice to reset an order.
2019SEP27 v2.85
  1. IMPORTANT: you must choose a COUPON first, before beginning an order. Currently, there's a bug if the coupon is selected during the order creation.
  2. PAPER_TYPE = BOCA a printing error with the receipt for events without an eTicket series has been fixed. However the details of the non-ticketed event is missing from the receipt. This still needs to be fixed.
  3. Search box - works. Enter the string and press ENTER.
  4. If the cursor is in the searchbox, and if ENTER is pressed, the current order appears listed at the top.
  5. The cancel button resets the order to blank.
2019SEP25 v2.84
  1. PAPER_TYPE = BOCA a printing error with the receipt has been fixed.
  2. A symbol scanner bug was fixed, by adding a new focus line to the item_barcode textfield; this comes up when the coupon selectbox is changed.
2019SEP17 v2.81
  1. This version contains a major re-write of the coupon system. The new coupon system is aligned better with the eRegisterNow M-level coupon system.
  2. Coupons used are recorded on the server side in an SQL table called, coupons_used
  3. The newAPI authentication was used for GetCoupons routine.
  4. Unfortunately, this version uses both the newAPI and oldAPI. Eventually the oldAPI should be written out.
  5. The Cancel button clears the coupon box.
  6. The routine miniCalculation appears on both the JAVA side as well as the C++ side. It's a twin routine. This routine handles calculations involving coupons.
2019AUG01 v2.77
  1. PAPER_TYPE = BOCA now has a receipt printing capability
2019JUL25 v2.76
  1. new Error 51: alert for incorrect credentials upon logging in. Note: you must restart the program if you get Error 51 in order to retry your credentials.
2019JUL21 v2.73
  1. moved convertTime routine to Interactions class and called it within the ticket and transaction classes
  2. fixed a taxID vector error upon houston show 2019 startup
2019JUL20 v2.72
  1. added a convertTime function in Databasemarshall to convert time from 16:00 to 4 pm.